Under 16’s Eye Health

The importance of all children having their eyes examined between the age of 2 and 3 cannot be stressed enough. Children who have untreated visual conditions will find it extremely difficult to learn to their full potential and will get less benefit from social and playtime activities.

Early detection of some vision defects is so important that without correction and treatment, usually spectacles or exercises, the child may be left unnecessarily with a debilitating defect throughout their lives.

Undetected defects could limit their career choice or sporting activities later on. As there is no longer a school vision screening service it is extremely important for children to have regular eye examinations from an early age.

Eye examinations for under 16’s are funded by the NHS.

How we test

A child does not need to able to read for our Optometrists to make an accurate assessment of their vision. In the early years it may be checking the two eyes are working together, making sure they can track objects and looking inside the eye with specialist instruments. As the child is more able to communicate specially graded pictures will give a clearer indication of their visual attainment. Later, we will move to more conventional techniques, including looking at letters and reading suitable text.

Treat the visit here as a fun thing to do; coming to play some games and see the toys in our practice. Regular visits build confidence and enable our Optometrists to keep accurate records of your child’s developing vision.