It is important for everyone to have regular eye examinations. Our Optometrists make sure you attain the best possible vision and check the health of your eyes. They are able to detect early signs of certain conditions like diabetes and glaucoma and early diagnosis means early treatment and reduces the risk of further harm.

The advancement of ophthalmic instruments is amazing and we have invested in an OCT scanner to take 3 dimensional images of your eyes. This can be very reassuring when you know everything is healthy and also gives a baseline for future scans, enabling changes to be monitored. We also have a digital retinal camera to take fixed images of the retina.

If further investigation is required another appointment may be necessary at our practice and this will be arranged for you. Should a hospital referral be necessary then the appropriate correspondence will be done by your optometrist.

Spectacles may be prescribed to improve your vision. Initially this may only be for reading but with all the demands of mobile phones, tablets and computers many of us spend a long time staring at small screens and this can put a lot of strain on our eyes. Enhanced reading lenses are now available to help switch from close work to screen and our qualified Dispensing Opticians will be able to discuss these with you. For those needing spectacles full time there are lots of choices depending on your prescription and your lifestyle. If working outside it is advisable to have UV protection or even Transition lenses that darken in the sun. Stronger prescriptions can be made up with thinner, coated lenses to keep them lighter and cosmetically more appealing. At our practice we are here to advise and give you the options so that you can choose what’s best for you.

Contact lenses offer another solution and are now available in many prescriptions. They are great for part time or full time wear. They offer the chance to alternate with your spectacles depending on how you feel or what you’ve got planned. Perhaps spectacles are great for work but playing golf or rugby is much easier and safer in lenses. If you would like to try contacts then talk to one of the team who can explain the process in more detail.

Private eye examinations are chargeable unless one or more of the following apply and the NHS will then fund your routine examination.

  • Under 19 in full time education
  • Suffer from diabetes or glaucoma
  • Age 40 or over and parent/brother/sister/child of a person who has/had glaucoma
  • Registered severely sight impaired
  • In receipt of Income Support / Income based JSA / Income related ESA
  • In receipt of Pension Credit guarantee credit
  • Named on valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate